Maintenance is a key part of keeping your machine running at its full potential. Maintanence can be performed at any time of the season, but lets get that machine in here before the riding season or before your next big ride so you can be worry free while you are out enjoying the open road or tearing up the backcountry!




Tuning is one of the most important parts after an engine has been built.  DRC has all of the latest tools to get your machine tuned correctly.  Along with our dedicated team to get your machine dialed in for your personal riding style.



With maintanence comes the need to clean the carburators on your machine.  While operating with gasoline, it can gum up and create clogs in the carburators passages.  Allow us to clean your carburator with our latest equipment so it delivers the percise amounts of fuel and oil to your machine's engine to keep it running at peak performance.



Wheels and suspension is a key part to riding in the modern age.  We want you to be riding with the proper wheels for your riding style and operating terrain.  Along with well maintained suspension components.  Allow us to keep your shocks cleaned and operating properly along with keeping your hyfax and other wear components on your snowmobile up to date before they fully wear out.